Price List





                             15 minute  costs 5.00  ............ 30 minutes  10.00  

                         Older children may like to groom ponies and tack them up

                                  and can be added to ride             

                                  extra grooming etc  3.00           


    Hats of all sizes available to loan

                            and children must wear suitable footwear.....

                                            No Bare feet on rides!!                               





                                                                                           Cowboy and Cowgirl themed Parties

                               2 hours party   includes food, cake and favour bags      20 per child...........50% deposit required on booking

                                   under 5 children will be a fixed cost of 95



  Parties  at your venue                                 

               All including travel 25 mile radius   (further distances by arrangement  due to the cost of fuel )        

                                                   Maximum 2 ponies for parties 

                                               * A Non Refundable deposit of 50% is required on booking                                                                                                                                         (unless in exceptional circumstances )   

 We know of several venues in the Newton Abbot and Exeter areas (subject to availability) to hold parties and who are happy to take the ponies on their field     

                                      and we have also taken the ponies to Haldon Forest Park and Dartmoor for some really fun parties                                                                           

                      !  Help lifting their child onto the ponies is also appreciated  for health and safety reasons and also child protection issues                                   

 **    Unfortunately due to the costs of fuel etc we have had to raise the prices for 2014. we have kept    them the same for the past 2 years but no have no alternative **

               1 pony for 1 hour ......    

                                                                    max  5 children



                1 pony for 2 hours .....   

                                                                    max  10 children



                 2 ponies for 1 hour ....... 

                                                                    max 20 children



                  2 ponies for  2 hours  .......

                                                                      max 20 children






               Saturday (weekdays during half terms and holidays) Ride & Learn Club 

                                                     11am - 1 pm

                                           Only 4/6 children per session

                                                20.00 per session ( discount of 5 for second sibling)

                                 Days of your choice (subject to us available)

                   Under five's Learn and Ride Club   1 hour session   10 per session (discount of 2 for second sibling)






                                                               Fetes etc                                                     

                  We charge from 2  to 3 for a ride depending on the area we can walk

      after taking out the first 50 for our expenses of fuel and insurance etc we give you an honest and

                       generous donation reflecting on the remainder takings.

                 Rosettes available  ' I've ridden a Humaryn Shetland Pony'    price 1.25    

                                            or a smaller one without writing    price 60p  

                               The size of the children allowed to ride will be at our discretion 

                                   They must wear hats provided and suitable footwear  

                                                   Holiday camps by arrangement  





 Stuck for a gift !      * Gift Vouchers *

       ( * arrangements as per pony rides )               for

         Rides  ...... Grooming and petting  sessions...or both


                              Vouchers  5.00  and 10.00 or amount as required   


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