Price List  2016                                                                               




 15 minute  costs 6.00  ............ 30 minutes  11.00

        Hats of all sizes available





Parties at our stables

50% deposit requested on booking


   up to  max 12 children     2 hours


                  150       includes a birthday rosette

   5 children and under   2 hours


                   set price 75     includes a  birthday rosette

   Rosettes available for party guests for party bags  at either 60p each  for the small ones or 1   for the large                                                                                                                        


                   Groom Tack and Ride

                                                                              1 hour      16            






                Pre school pony club



     8  per 1  1/2  session + 60p for an optional rosette....
       Saturday /Sunday pony club     10  per session of 2 hours + 60p for optional rosette.... 

                                Everyone gets a free rosette on their first ride or pony club


                                                                                                    Other events

                                                                                      Prices on asking



     * Gift Vouchers *

       ( * arrangements as per pony rides )   for

         Rides  ...... Grooming and petting  sessions...or both


                      Vouchers  5.00  and 10.00 or amount as required   


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