Party Ponies By Humaryn   


Party Ponies By Humaryn assumes no responsibility for accident, injury, loss or damage to personal property or property in your car while parked or other unforeseen event which may occur while on or in the vacinity of our and 3rd party premises.

Whilst our ponies are picked specially for their excellent temperaments, horses are sometimes unpredictable in some circumstances and they can react to the environment, the conduct of riders and other persons.

Very rarely equipment may break although we check ours regularly and saddles may slip.

Every precaution is taken to minimise the associated risks.

Children are expected to be on their best behaviour especially when we have groups of them and any child deemed to be causing disruption will be excluded from the activities thereon and no refund will be given.  and we have a rules of the stables guide

They must listen carefully to what we ask of them  and realise that we rent the fields and stables and that respect must be shown to the land and buildings and any damage they cause must be paid for.


                                        Please accept that accidents can happen!!


You will be asked to sign a copy of our disclaimer before your child starts to ride or take part in any activity with us.

If you child shows a keen interest in taking up the sport of riding or coming to us regularly it may be a very good idea to take up their own accident insurance. 


                                           Most of all we want them to have fun!


Marilyn  and Hugh Sidebottom

Party Ponies By Humaryn




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